Coined by their clients as "The Girls", Vanessa Vazart and T'ien Cheshier met 16 years ago when both worked in fashion catering to some of Hollywood's elite. Both discovered a shared vision and love of interior design. While maintaining successful careers traveling the world buying for their clients and running fashion showrooms in major cities, they became recognized from fashion insiders for their discriminating taste. As they were designing spaces for their friends, they realized that their love of design transcended boundaries and thus catapulted them to launch a well-curated brand. The result is a lasting design that is both forward and warm. One that exudes the feeling of being lived-in, and never over-designed.

T'ien was raised in Chicago and educated at The Art Institute of Chicago. Much of her life was spent in construction sites, furniture showrooms and in the unique homes and commercial spaces designed by her mother, a well-respected interior architect. Upon moving to Los Angeles, she gained experience in the luxury fashion industry, while helping friends design their homes and office spaces. T'ien currently lives in Los Angeles with husband James, daughter Poppy Lee, and dog Miette.

Vanessa was raised in Italy in her younger years, then moved to Switzerland for school. She moved to the US to study at 18. After falling in love with Southern California, she decided to spend a large amount of time in Los Angeles, while still maintaining roots in Europe, where her family resides. Having experienced many facets of the fashion industry, it was the versatility of being able to connect and mix fashion with interiors that inspired her to create spaces for her elite clientele. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her fiance Scott, daughter Lilli, and dogs Lola and Sonny!

Vanessa and T'ien count as inspiration the work of Joseph Dirand, Jacques Grange, Joseph Bueys, Karl Lagerfeld, and Jeremiah Goodman. Their spaces are always informed by the wonderful people living in them, but are infused with the magic touch, that "je-ne-sais-quoi", that has brought them to collide worlds with the artistic and talented individuals they have worked with.